Escape Condition (WIP) - Time travel shooter

current: integrating some weather blueprints, this one is taken from the Birch Set asset on Marketplace by Dave Berg


For a while now, I’ve been working on the prototype for ‘Escape Condition,’ a time travel/philosophy game where the player must investigate and eliminate sources of a virus that is infecting the air, water, and population of their world.

Currently, I’m rounding out environment blueprints, as the world changes dynamically based on the player’s progress in a given mission.

Integrating the mission component asset from the marketplace by Nocte

Working a lot on mission objectives, so Unreal making the “materialize” material pack free for the month came in handy. I integrated it right away on a test basis for when a player completes an objective and is rewarded with a newly accessible terminal:

Added in flooding, when the floodwater is acidic it quickly erodes vulnerable surfaces

Starting to work on digital paintings, which will form back drops when a player visits vendor locations throughout the game:

Updating the time travel device with assets from the free-for-June Science Laboratory pack:

Tons of weapons and class updates, full breakdown of class mechanics coming within a week, here’s a preview of MODERN weapons which are guns we recognize from today:

I’ve been working on art and gameplay for 2 of the 9 timelines in the game, up next is the third future alternative (Utopia) so I’m scouring the marketplace and turbosquid for some good kitbashing assets:



Highres of Future Warzone environment:…one_081820.png

First lighting pass, still learning some of the techniques to use but it’s approaching the look I want:

More cyberpunk work, almost done with the kit for this world entirely (still need to work out some building materials and create a couple of occlusion props)

Working on building and environmental transformations for Cyberpunk timeline. Buildings will change their materials during each timeline jump.