ESCAPE BOX - The Series Of Escapes

Hello everyone!

Me and my wife are very passionate about escape rooms. There are lots of VR escape rooms but the problem is that they can make you feel sick and honestly it seems like the puzzles are very generic in how they work. They can be fun but I decided to make something completely different. Its either the best idea ever or the worst but I will let you all decide.

To put it simply here is how things have come to be (this is a work in progress) and I would love input from everyone. I am new to unreal engine and to blueprints as well as graphics as a whole. It has been several years since I have done anything like game design.

This is Escape Box - The Series Of Escapes

The concept is simple, you have 60 minutes to escape the level you are placed in. You are a dimensions traveler and you are in what seems to be an infinite loop of tests and puzzles to get out.

I will post screenshots / videos of everything I have (without giving away any clues or how things actually work the best I can).

Your job is simple, if you want to play this game (for free) then simply drop me a PM or let me know below.

As soon as the current level I am working on is done I will send it to you to test out and your only job is to let me know of any bugs so I can fix them.

Now remember, I am a 1 man team so this is far from perfect but I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have been making so far.

Level 1 - The Monastery

It is a time where great beasts have ruled the lands. But you have come to set it free, the only issue is the monks don’t take lightly to guests trying to leave once they have arrived. They say its for our safety but we all know they just want us to stay because we bring treasure with us. We have to escape this, your timer starts now!

I am also working on the second level to this escape room but I feel like the above screenshots are enough to know if anyone is interested at all.

I am using all free content from epic and others in marketplace and such to create this whole project (its at the very least good to show what can be done with some hard work and determination). Let me know down below!