Escalator motion

I have been trying to create a blueprint that pushes my character down the escalator. does anyone of you knowledgeable people have a moment to show a rookie the trick to it? I would be very grateful.

you can temporarily parent the character to a moving object. You can set it up so that when player enters a trigger volume just above the start point of the escalator it will parent it and move with it then have a second trigger at the end point that will unparent the character. try that.

this might help U


The escalator is an animation that I got from unreal. I was thinking is there a way to give force to a character when inside a trigger voulme. You know… like apply force in a certain world direction…

It would depend on how the collision is setup on the escalator, but here’s an idea: maybe with a simple cube that runs along the escalator where the character’s feet should be, you could trace -z from the character to hit the cube, get that rotation and then apply force when it returns true

This is how its done… i found and now you can see. it uses three blocking volumes.

the long one is walkway

blocking volume2 is at the top… it gets the location of the blocking volumes and lerp’s between. cool