Escalation 1985 - Cold War gone Hot!

**Escalation 1985 **is a realistic first person shooter that asks: What if the Cold War had turned hot?

It promises a brutal vision of what it would have been like for soldiers on the line on both sides of the Iron Curtain had the balloon gone up.

We are a team of 25 looking to grow our ranks with more talent. This is our first project together. We have hardened veterans of decades of game development and beginners as well. We value grit and staying power over specific skills that can be learned along the way.

Talent Required:

We are looking for all levels, but you should have good understanding of coding concepts and principles.

Particle FX artists

  • Explosions
  • Destruction
  • Fire
  • Contrails
  • Tracer rounds


  • First person weapons handling
  • Full character modeling
  • Added bonus: being able to record and/or handle/clean mocap data

Houdini users

  • Procedural buildings
  • Procedural roads and paths
  • Bonus: Import OSM data and generate procedural assets from it

We are looking for people of all ages and experience levels. Your most important skill set is a positive can-do attitude and the grit to follow it up.

Our website is and we run a Patreon on

Skype: seborgarsen

emailed yourselves :slight_smile: