Errors when trying to build UE4 solution with Visual Studio 15

I had to start my current project on a new machine. I have a clean install of Windows 10, UE4 and Visual Studio 15. When trying to build my UE4 solution, I get a series of errors relating to the SharderCompileWorker (among others). I have been stuck here in a loop for 5 days, I have no idea what to do next.

Any advice anyone can offer would be really appreciated.

[alt text][2]

I know one of you smart people can help with this. I will be your best friend.

Hi TomTodia,

Our current release version of the Engine (4.13.1) does not support Visual Studio 15, you will need to use Visual Studio 2015. We just released a preview of version 4.14 today that does include support for Visual Studio 15, but we do not recommend using either the 4.14 preview or Visual Studio 15 for project development.

Thanks , I managed to find the bizarre naming convention Microsoft uses for VS just around the time you answered this. Now to figure out how to back out of update 3 to update 2 on VS. From what I read, its not a simple uninstall.

Microsoft’s naming for Visual Studio versions isn’t confusing at all. :slight_smile:

Version 4.13.1 of the Engine should work fine with Update 3 of Visual Studio 2015. Is it giving you problems?

I am on 4.12.1 and we are not going to be updating the engine anytime soon. I installed Visual Studio on a new machine I bought, and installed Update 3 with VS. Turns out, that is not going to work with 4.12.1. I saw the response to it here earlier today.

Ah, yes. 4.12.1 would not work with Update 3, since that came out prior to Microsoft releasing Update 3. We did not get support for Update 3 into the Engine until 4.12.5. If you aren’t able to update to 4.12.5, and you built the Engine from source code, you can find the change that fixed the issues with Update 3 here. Unfortunately if you are using the binary version of the Engine installed through the Launcher, you won’t be able to add that fix in yourself.

It is unfortunate that Microsoft chose not to make Update 3 easier to opt out of or revert.