Errors starting the server

Hello guys.

For a couple of days now i am trying to make a dedicated server for unreal. It is not easy because i have 0 experience with it. I am following the tutorial on

Now i am at the point of starting the server but i get some errors.

What i did extra for now was turning the full rebuild option on but that didnt help.
I hope somebody can help me with a answer.



First you have the right tutorial. That the one I already used and its fine.
Never got those error. Did you tried with the TPS template or a blank project, just try?! To see if its fine before making any modification or before starting your project.
Because with the tutorial you’re using, everything should be fine.

And just to be sure, you’re using the engine from the github right?

Have you tried project launcher, creating a custom launch profile, choosing by the book, running the profile, then run your server exe?
You would do this after any changes.

I used a new c++ thirt person project in this project. From github i got the 4.22 engine

I tried the source launcher. I dont know what the custom launch profile is.

If you click one of the drop downs with a arrow pointing down in the editor it will say project launcher.i think then in the window at the bottom you make a custom profile. It will cook the project if that’s the problem.

[link text][1]

I reinstalled everything today but i had the same problem. I also used the custom launch profile. I have added the log and a photo. I have no idea what to do now.

I would rebuild the Project in visual studio first in development editor mode then development server mode. Make sure in the custom profile to choose Windows server. If it all is right and you run the custom profile the server file will open automatically and then shutdowns the exe window for your server.

Thank you so much this fixed it for me. Zero errors this time