Errors replicating List Object from client to server

Hey, I’m trying to transfer the chat log from the lobby map to the ingame map, but I’m having issues replicating the list objects that my chat consists of.

Here’s how I try to do it:

  1. The chat messages are list items getting info from a Chat Message Object, containing a struct, which stores info such as the Player Name and Message Text.

  2. All the messages are stored into a Chat Log Array in the UI_Chatbox widget

  3. When its time to servertravel the game instance calls each connected player controller and tells it to store the Chat Log Array into a Player Info struct, which contains all sorts of info other about the player that persists through server travel.

However here is where I run into issues:

Chatbox Widget calls the PC and sends over the Chat Log Array

The server gets its chat log saved as expected and it shows up in the new map, but the client fails to send over the Chat Log Array which returns empty list objects.

The output log

As you can see the PC_Lobby_C_1 on the server returns empty messages. I suspect its because the Chat Log Object is not being replicated as indicated by this error:

LogNetPackageMap: Warning: FNetGUIDCache::SupportsObject: O_ChatLog_C /Engine/Transient.UnrealEdEngine_0:GI_ServerInfo_C_1.UI_CharacterSelectLobby_C_0.WidgetTree.UI_Chatbox.O_ChatLog_C_0 NOT Supported.

Does anyone know what is going on? Also what would a workaround look like?

Appreciate any help!

I solved this by replicating the chat data struct and sending it over to next map as an array instead of the list object. The Object replication was “NOT Supported” :slight_smile: