Errors in recorded video.

recently I have finished doing my 1st project, but since it’s just a class project to school, I was told to record a short “gameplay” video according to the short instruction that I was provided.
The instruction tells me to use “Take Recorder” and after I record something, render it to a video. In the “Render Movie Settings” window I have to change “Image Output Format” to “Video Sequence (avi)”, the resolution to 1920x1080 (16:9), set the “Use Compression” option and change the “Compression Quality” value to 100.

In the Viewport when I press “Play” button everything works as it should, but the problem is, that the recorded and rendered video isn’t showing everything properly. I mean, it’s not showing actions that are refering to other objects. For example, the projectiles are completly invisible even though the weapon shooting animation is visible normally. Second problem is with all doors. I made them by creating a new blueprint class. They should open after player shoots a certain target, but on the video they look like they’re closed and also they’re not moving at all (player looks like he’s getting through the closed doors even though they’re open).

Can someone please help me with fixing this problem? I’d really appreciate all answers.