Errors in my inventory system

Hi, im currently doing inventory and equipment system for my rpg game. The problem im having right now is, when i click my item in my inventory, it could not be equipped in equipment system. Im following titanic games’ rpg game tutorial series equipment system part 6. Im really hoping anyone will help me. Im attaching my error image, along with script in inventory UI. thank you


I’m wondering how many items you have in the inventory array and what is the “inventory size” value? You are trying to access (the for loop) index 2,3,4… of the inventory array, which has only one item (index 0).
You can check if the index you are trying to access exist and put the branch node depending on your need, this way you can create your widget without feeding it with invalid index .

You can also add all your items in the array (manually in the third person BP), and with a foreach loop create a widget for every item of the array, but it really depends on your needs (I’d like to see designer side of the widget to understand better what you want)

Hey, i tried your method. I changed the inventory index to 25. that’s the inventory size. But my inventory cannot be accessed then. And I’m not quite understand about designer side as im still beginner in using unreal engine.

Ok for the designer side, I can see your widget on the picture. I guess each slot correspond to sword, shield, helmet…?
How do you change your equipment in game?