Errors in Generated mesh / Errors Saving files.


Since Purchasing and downloading the update of RC I have run in to one problem after another. I would have put this into two separate treads as they may not be at all related but I don’t want to flood the forum with my posts.
As I have been unable to open my previous files I have been trying to reprocess all of my previous work, I did not encounter any of these problems with my previous (demo) version of the software.

Firstly, when generating a model in high, I get large portions of the model missing. Of the last 3 scans I processed, 2 had had this issue. The alignment seems to work perfectly with all cameras well aligned, but RC stills seems unable to generate a complete mesh the first time around.
In the example I show, I align cameras (works fine), I generate high model and find large missing areas, I generate normal model which works fine, I then generate second high model and this time it works:

The second issue is: So now I finally have my model, I try to save it by hitting ‘save’ and I get error message ‘path not found’.
I try to create a new file using ‘save as’, I create a new name and try to save and I get the same message.
I try to save directly to my C drive, I get the same message.
I then look in the folder where it was originally saved to find a file called ‘NEW file’.

I have tried every possible way to save that I can think of and get either strange results such as the save as window trying to open a new folder, or I get the error ‘path not found’.
All of this is extremely time consuming and it is something I would only expect from a free BETA software.


I would just like to add that after running integrity check, it seems the the last model I created is corrupted (although it looks a lot better than the previous model).
Maybe someone could shed some light on what this means, or why it might happen.

Error seems to have since the last update.

Hi julesmalcomson

First get the newest build from

Second set CACHE folder location to say D:/RC_temp folder ( WORKFLOW->settings-> CACHE LOCATION ( custom location ) )

Look if have not to deep path and no special characters in path when saving ( Windows problem with 255+ characters in path )

the missing files can be related to this eventually if have some disk space cleaning app that could delete RC CACHE files.

Report back if stil cannot get it working.