Errors in games, that based on Unreal Engine 4

I’m not a developer on UE4, but I have a problem that based on your engine.
After starting 3d moves from starting game screen is freezing. It’s stops on frame, but if I use Alt+Tab to desktop and back i will see new frame. When screen is freezed I can move the mouse and open inventory/menus/pres Esc. It works but I can’t see changes in frames, Other variant to see is to turn off fullscreen mode, windows, that take place above the game window will change piece of frame too.
I tested this in more than 10 games, Last games are “Ghostruner Demo”, “The cycle”, “Deep Rock Galactic”, “Dauntless”. I can make a video with demonstrating this.
Also I want to add that I have the latest versions of drivers and activated windows.
My PC setup: FX-6300, Radeon RX 560 4Gb, 8 Gb RAM.

Rewrite that in your native language, and use a translation tool to put it in English. That is almost incomprehensible for such a detailed issue.