Errors during import .fbx model

Hi guys,
this the first time I write on this forum.

When I try to import my fbx model in UE, I get these two error messages:

  1. Wall has degenerate tangent bases which will result in incorrect shading. MikkTSpace relies on tangent bases and may result in mesh corruption, consider disabling this option

  2. Wall has some nearly zero bi-normals which can create some issues. (Tolerance of E-4)

I use Unreal Engine 4.18, the latest version.
Also, I created my model in 3ds Max, I’ve assigned l’Unwrap modifier and exported in fbx.

Where these problems come from?

I cant really tell you what this means or what causes it. If these kind of messages appear I usually do the following:

  • create a new box and turn it into a editable poly
  • attach the old object to this box
  • delete the box (element) from this object


  • merge all verts
  • autosmooth all polygons


  • select all elements of the object
  • detach the elements as a clone to a new mesh and us the new mesh

Sometimes 3dsmax assets get corrupted somehow and there is really nothing you can do to fix it. These 2 methods seem to “reset” the geometry

ok thanks, I will try these methods :slight_smile:

The first option box worked for me!
thank you!

I was having the same issue and simply cut-pasting my model and re-importing did the trick.

S-Dot thank you!!!