Error with Sockets

Hi, I did this blueprint following a tutorial:

I put the axe into the scene, I created a socket and I enabled socket snapping from settings,
But now, it gives me this error:

I don’t know what to do, can you help me?
Thanks guys!

GetPlayerCharacter returned null which means at point of calling this function PlayerController does not possess Character yet or Pawn that PlayerController possess is not Character class but normal Pawn then you need to use Get Player Pawn

Looking on your code, this is something that should be in pawn/character code not level blueprint, Level bluprint is exclusivly for level scripting not game code

I seen a tutorial for this, just to learn new functions/methods.
In the video it works perfectely. I followed every tutorial’s step,
Maybe the tutorial was on a oldest version of UE4.

Anyway I tried to bind ‘Get Player Pawn, with Target-Mesh, the editor says is not possible to combine Pawn reference, to character reference.because, these are not compatible.’