Error while packing project to exe

Hello everyone,
I have a real problem with packing my project to exe.

Got this kind of error:
FMemoryWriter does not support data larger than 2GB. Archive name: None.

Anyone know how to fix that?
Its not very common error, as i see…

You will need to split your level into small streaming levels. Just take a part of the static meshes in your scene and add them to a streaming levels. What kind of project do you have? ArchViz?

Thank you for your reply.

Its kind of Level Art, there is a lot of small elements. Is there a chance to put those object into new level, without deleting them and creating new ones?
Something like drag and drop, and they will appear at new level in the same position, rotation etc?

I can’t create everything form screatch, couse my project is on very advanced stage.

once you have created new streaming levels, double click it to make it active then you can select a bunch of actors and then right click>levels>move to current level. everything will keep its transforms.

Thank you, for your advice.

How i know, how many levels i need to create?
Like, how many things i can put in to level without passing the limits? Where i can check those limits?

PS: There is no other way to do this right?

Sorry, if my english isn’t that correct, im not a native speaker.
I have tryed yours method, I’ve put everything to different sublevels, and it still doesn’t work.

Maybe you know how you can see how to check limits of single sublevel?
I have trees with lots of polys, same thing with ground, Its about 30,000 polys for tree.

from what iv’e seen around the forums/web its caused by a files getting to big from big lightmaps/textures or large levels that are not split up, it can also be the map build data.

Okay, thank you, now i see, iv tryed this only on one level. Now, when i deleted other levels, its worked.
Got another error, but finnaly memory error is behind me.