Error while opening two sided door

I’m facing a problem when trying to make my two sided door opening using Timeline with rotator. here is my Blueprint Screenshot

The result now Door Left is opening and closing but Door Right just open once because it hasn’t reverse time line. What should i do?

If I’m doing it wrong, How to make it?

Try using a sequence like this :smiley: let me know if it works.

Worked Very Well, Thanks Very Much. :slight_smile:

I’m glad I could help :):slight_smile:

An easier way to do this, with less code, is if you want them both to open at the same time, instead of using sequences and adding more unnecessary nodes make the timeline go between 0 and 1 for it’s value, and do a lerp node, inputting in your 2 rotations, and then off of that, you will use 1 timeline, and your doors will open simultaneously, I can send pictures if you need further help. Yes the way you have it right now works, but the way I’m proposing is much more optimized.