Error while importing from Blender: Object has overlapping UVs. (youtube video included)

Trying to import my test model but I get an error. Why it appears?

[video]- YouTube

Because your UV are overlapping. ^^
You need some margin around and a cleaner UV-unwrap, if you care.
If you do not care, you can go with it (if i remember right).
This error is easy to fix.
The object at mousecursorposition at 0.29 is overlapping, for example.
Crossing edges / faces = bad.

While Uv- unwrapping there is an option (margin) set it to 0.003.
Before unrapping, press ctrl + a and “Apply scale”.

Where that position is? I can’t find it :slight_smile: I really want to solve that issue and know more about the issue. But I don’t understand where exactly is that overlapping? I don’t see it! :slight_smile:

You mean I need to make more seams on the object to unwrap the object more carefully?

You need to start over and lay out your UVs properly. What was shown in your video looked terrible and will never produce good results.

Sometimes it is hard to understand unwrapping/placing seams.
Thats not bad –> ?v=Jn88llnoZ6g

Left bad unwrap + overlap
Middle bad unwrap without overlap.
Right ok unwrap with no overlap.
When you look close at left uv map, then you can see the overlapping, where the vertices are marked.
And here comes the reason, why you should prevent it.
When you create a new texture, use UV-Grid, not “blank” to test.

Here is also a good lightmap tutorial -> :// :slight_smile:

Ok but where’s overlapping areas in my UV?

I think it should highlight as it shown on the screenshot here:


But it doesn’t show any “overlapping highlights”.

In other words: where are the overlapping colors in my UVs? :slight_smile: I wanna see it! :slight_smile: