Error when trying to Package my project

Hi all. I´m relatively new to Unreal Engine 4, started only a couple of months ago, and today I wanted to test a simple project I´ve build. And by simple, I mean only a Character I modeled in Maya (with all the Blueprint animations, Inputs, etc) so I can move around, a few Light Points, some floors and a wall I also buit in Maya. When I click “Play” in the Editor, it runs fine. If I click “Launch”, it also runs fine on a separate Window. The thing is, when I try to create a Package, I simply cannot run it, and I figured if it´s giving me an error at this stage with absolutely nothing on my project, I wouldn´t even bother keeping creating assets and putting everything together only to be unable to package it later.

So I want to Package it for Windows Platform, and this is the error I´m getting:

“The global shader cache file ‘(path)/WindowsNoEditor/Engine/GlobalShaderCache-PC3D_SM5.bin’ is missing. You’re running a version of the application built to load COOKED content only, however no COOKED content was found. Consider cooking content for this build, or build and run the UNCOOKED version of the application instead.”

I tried clicking the “Cook Content for Windows” button on the Editor before packaging it, checked if “DirectX 11 (SM5)” in my Project Settings was checked because someome said it could cause this error if it wasn´t, tried changing Build Settings to Shipping or Development, tried changing the "Global Default Server Game Mode to other than “None”, someome also said it could resolve this error, and nothing worked. I cannot figure out why is this error showing.

Tried from a Blank Project without Starter Content, and once with it. Same error.

Could someone please help me? Thanks in advance.

PS: Using the latest 4.8.2 Engine version.