Error when trying to make build lights

What’s up guys

This morning I opened the project I’m working and when I sent do build the editor gave this error. Does anyone know what can it be? How to fix?


Hi Damien2k15 -

It looks like you have an issue with Visual C++ Redistributables or Microsoft NET Framework not begin up to date or corrupted. Can you take a look at your installed programs and make sure you have Visual C++ Redistributables x86 as well as x64 installed on your CPU and you have the latest NET Framework 4.5.1 installed?

If you do have them installed, run Windows Update and make sure to check for Optional Installs to see if there are any updates to your CPU.

Also Open Swarm Agent up on your CPU and do a Clean and Validate of your Cache location via the Cache dropdown in the agent.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum