Error when trying to install 4.22 ( "Maximum Path length exceeded, please specify a shorter install location". )

Was the new folder path you made about the same length as the original? Did you just make a new folder in the same location?

Try making a folder directly in C called UE. Make the length as short as possible.

thank you for answering to my question. i put it in a folder that was next to a few other folders ( one of the being “Program Files (x86)” ) and then i tried it again but this time it said there wasn’t enough space on my hard drive. after i cleared some space i resumed the installation and so far it seems to be working. thank you.

every time i try to install 4.22, i get an error which says “Maximum Path length exceeded, please specify a shorter install location”

i reinstalled the launcher, and i made a new folder for it but it still doesn’t work.

I figured it out. You just have to put the file on the hard drive by itself. Dont put it inside anyfilders just Drive>UE4

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As mentioned just changed the folder name to something short , I have made it with UA5 and it all is good now . :slight_smile:

but how do I do that?

please someone explain it in a really, really simple way. I dont under stand how to do this.

This is not really the place for help with basic operating system procedures, nor is there one ‘right way’ to do it anyway.

I suggest doing a search for creating directories (aka folders) in your favourite search engine, based on what ever OS you’re using, and go from there.