Error when running projects

Hello! I have such trouble when starting projects.
how to fix it?



I have a few questions for you, in order to assist you further:
What version of the Engine are you using?
What steps are you taking to receive this message?
Is it possible that you moved or deleted one of your projects that you’re trying to open?
Are you able to open any newly created templates?

Please respond back with as much information as possible, so I can help more adequately.


Use version 4.7 and 4.6
In the launcher when you open all your projects, you receive this error.
Projects are not deleted and not moved and was not renamed.
Projects can be opened if you click on the Launch of the engine and opens the project or create a new project


Please try the following: Go to where ever the Engine is installed to, for example: Epic Games\4.7\Engine\Binaries\Win64 and locate ‘UE4Editor.exe’ Double click on the editor to open it. Let me know if just opening the .exe gives you an error or not.

If opening the .exe file does not work for you, please try verifying your engine within the Launcher. You can do this by opening the Unreal Launcher, click on ‘Library’ and then press the down-arrow that’s under the most recent version of the Engine. Once you’ve gotten to that point, click on ‘verify’ and UE4 will then verify that version of the engine. Please make sure that you are working out of the most recent version of the engine which is 4.7.2.

Troubleshooting the Launcher:

If none of the above corrects the issue you’re experiencing, please reply back to this thread. Please include as many details as possible regarding your issue.

Thank you.

UE4Editor.exe runs only on behalf of the and upon opening the project, you receive this message, the check engine light did and the error was repeated


Are you able to obtain the debugging from the launcher? You can receive those by going to the following link: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

If you’re not able to receive the debugging , have you tried verifying your version of the Engine? You can do this by going into the Launcher and nested under ‘Library’ is the versions of the engine that you have installed. If you use the drop-down arrow that’s next to ‘launch’ you can select ‘verify’.

Thank you!


I haven’t heard from you in a few days, so I’m guessing this issue has been resolved. If for some reason it hasn’t been resolved, please reply to this thread with additional information and I’ll assist you further.


The problem was fixed by reinstalling the launcher, but from time to time a mistake is repeated again and have to reinstall the launcher!