Error when recording Metahumans with Take Recorder


I want to make recordings using Take Recorder of my Metahuman walking, but am having trouble doing so. I am currently recording it with external software but wish to have higher quality video by recording it using the Take Recorder feature.

However, in video previews (and after I exported it) the torso of the Metahuman is detached from the rest of the body (seen below, as it is a part of the overall CharacterMesh0) and moves in the opposite direction of the Metahuman:

I tried to use the keying feature on Take Recorder but I am not sure how to use it. To my understanding a key should be automatically made when I move the torso. Would anyone know how to fix this problem?

Update: I have upgraded to Unreal Engine 5.0.3, partially in the hopes that I can fix this issue. What I’ve found was that the character stays intact when mobile, but when standing still, the torso and other body parts fall apart like as seen above. After some exploring, I don’t think the keying feature on the Sequencer (not Take Recorder as I mistakenly said) would help in this instance, so I’m not sure what I can try next.