Error when lunching built game

Hello everyone. Does anybody know how to fix this error. Game packages without any error but when I try to lunch game I get this. Any help would be welcome


Hey any updates on this? Have you found the solution?

Hi WhiteCap,

The bit about “FilenameTooLong” stands out to me.

I’ve seen errors about the File Path being long (C:\way\too\many\folders\deep) but never filename…

In editor: In the content browser → If you select your ‘Content’ folder → In the search field you can enter a space (press spacebar once in search field) and that will show all of your assets.

Not sure the exact threshold of characters, but let us know if you see anything excessively long and if shortening them fixes it!

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ve checked the project on long file names but everything seems alright, biggest filenames are textures and materials but not more than 40-50 characters which seem acceptable

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Sorry man for late replay. But if you still need this or anyone else the problem was with Gameplay tags. I had to rename all my tags. Don’t know why it was detecting problem with them but that was to core of the problem

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Hi DarkRaven,

Thanks for following up. I think it would be good to have the error text written out in the thread. (To help with anyone in the future doing a google search for this error)

FilenameToLongPackageName failed to convert ", The Result would be indistinguishable from using " as the InFilename.

Did you end up solving the issue?