Error when installing

This is my last effort to resolve this issue. Customer support just directs me to other links which provide no answers. I download Unreal Engine 4. It loads to 100%, verifies and cleanup, then error code IS-IZ01 pops up saying installation failed. I have searched the internet and tried many things. Have tried to load this engine for 2 days now with same error code popping up each time. Does anyone have experience with this?

Which is your hardware specs and OS you running?

I just loaded Windows 10 from windows 7. I don’t like win 10 but will be forced to go there anyway. So now I have that and Direct X 12. Trying to load UE4 again now. Will see if that was my problem the whole time.

It is important having all the OS updates and latest graphics card’s driver. The most recent UE4 release the most this is important.