Error when importing grayscale .tga files


There is an error when I import grayscale .tga files. If I import it as RGB it works fine. But RGB is almost twice the storage space


Hi numsi550 -

We are currently aware of this issue and it is being investigated as UE-5198, though it is currently backlogged in our bug system. I have added your information to the report and upped the community interest to reflect the new report.

As for the storage space, remember that the engine will compress all textures based on their settings in the engine, so a 12MB Black and White Targa saved as a RGB 8bit file out of Photoshop usually compresses down to a 2MB Uasset file in your project folder.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I’m also running into this. I just purchased a bunch of assets that have grayscale tgas include, it’d be a shame to have to waste my time converting them all because of a UE bug.

At this time this is still Backlogged due to other priorities. Sorry for the inconvenience.