Error when deploying onto device (4.20.0 preview 3)

when deploying onto my device (iPad Air 2) I keep getting this error:

LogPlayLevel: ERROR: Command failed (Result:1): /Users//Desktop/UNREAL/UE_4.20/Engine/Binaries/DotNET/IOS/DeploymentServer.exe Install -ipa “/Users//Desktop/games/ar/Binaries/IOS/ar.ipa” -device 4b22954e0992eab7cf9e7cca984c73a220f1404b -additionalcommandline “-SessionId=84657374104D733176618CB48828D854 -SessionOwner=”" -SessionName=“Launch
On Device” ".

I’ve tried just using a blank game but I still get the error. so I’m guessing its either something wrong with my files or its a bug


Hello ,

Is IOS enabled as a target platform for this engine version in your launcher? (Under engine options)

Do you have any non-standard plugins enabled?

Edit: Found this potential solution: Platforms => iOS Bundle Identifier should be changed from com.YourCompany.[PROJECT_NAME] to com.RealCompanyNameThatMatchAppID.[PROJECT_NAME]