Error when checking tag of object hit by trace

I keep getting the following error whenever the above graph executes

Try a validation check before your branches is the actor valid? True then try the tag check.

I added the node

The result is Not Valid.

I checked the Return Value of the LineTraceByChannel node and it returns false when it hits the player and returns true when it hits any other object.

It’s tracing for anything visible. So anything viable should return valid and if you turn on debug you’ll see the squares where it’s hitting.

As for player tag it will hit an actor and if it doesn’t have the tag it should result false and true if it has the assuming this is single player as I’m not sure how replication is handled with tags

Fixed it by adding a cylinder to the Player blueprint as a body rather than having just the invisible capsule collision, add the tag to the cylinder.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: