Error when building control rig with ART rigging tools

I’m trying to build the control rig of a character that I’ve spent a while placing the joints and skinning…but I get this error message everytime I try and build it:

Warning: Object, ‘spine_splineIK_bottom_joint’, skipped. It is already a child of the parent, ‘world’.

Error: RuntimeError: file F:/PROJECT_ZACK/MayaTools/General/Scripts/art_v1\ line 1902: Upper limit is smaller than the lower limit

I’ve tried doing it all from scratch with loading in the skeleton and the joint placement templates I’ve saved along the way, but I get the same error message everytime.
Can anyone shed any light on this? Would be most appreciated!


Did you ever figure this out? I’m getting this error now too for the first time ever and I’ve rigged multiple characters successfully before :confused: