Error/warnings reported spam 4.26

So pretty simple. if you have a warning or an error in 4.26 the warning windows spams messages onto the viewport. This is sadly really annoying. In earlier version, there was just one warning. Now its spamming all the warning onto the screen and you’re forced to click dismiss onto all of them.

Any fix / button for this?

Greets Phil


I have the same issue. Any hidden tickbox that fixes this?

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Same issue here. Also if I don’t click dismiss, frame rate drops significantly in play mode in editor.
Anyone knows a solution for this?

Bumping this once again, since it is still an issue in 4.27.0.
These error messages used to fade away after some time, now they stack forever.

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Bumping it again. Is there any recourse here? :frowning:

Hey thank you for the bump! Let me reach out and see if this is intended or a bug and I’ll get back to you guys!


great to hear that.

Well, it sure is hard to imagine that it could ever be intended :slight_smile:
USing 4.26 here and it is indeed extremely annoying.

It’s been brought to some of the devs attention - I’ll keep you updated as soon as I have updates for you. :slight_smile: