ERROR: Visual Studio 2019 must be installed to build this target

I’m experiencing a strange problem when trying to package my project. When i try to package it, the error that is in the title pops up, and i’m not using a C++ project, i’m using a blueprint one! How can i fix this?

Maybe you have a C++ plugin in your project that doesn’t have precompiled binaries for the target platform.

If I disable that plugin, it should work again, right?

If my guess was correct, then yes. But it may break dependencies in your project. Do you have such a plugin?

Maybe, I will check it out though, and will get back to you.

Well, I disabled the one plugin I had installed, which was not built in, but it didn’t work, still asking for VS 19.

Sounds like you should install Visual Studio then.

Do I do Game Development with C++? As a workload?

I don’t really understand the question. You won’t need to write a line of code, you just need Visual Studio to compile whatever needs to be compiled.

Yeah, but I actually had Visual Studio 19 installed, but I think I need a component for Unreal to recognize it, so should I install that?


Alright, it’s downloading, we will see if it will recognize it.

Hello, it didn’t work, but after reinstalling the installer (which also reinstalls VS 19) it finally worked, thanks for the help!

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