Error upgrading project to 26.2 from 25.4

My project runs fine without errors in the current stable version (25.4)
I ran into an issue and thought maybe I could resolve this by upgrading the project to the latest version of UE4 (26.2).

I installed the Engine version,
Opened the Engine (26.2),
Selected my current project,
Started to perform the action (Open a Copy)

Everything was running smoothly and after some time, I received the error in the txt doc below.


Is this due to the plugin “AdvancedSteamSessions” is only meant for 25.4 ? would I need to update AdvStSes to 26.2 before trying to perform an Engine upgrade?

I just re-read the error, because of the 3 characters difference in the file path, the project will fail?
Can the character limit be overridden?
My project directory sits on a source control workstation. It would be a pain to move the directory. Let alone shorten it.

The error was specific, I transferred my project to another directory which made the path shorter.