Error : UnrealCodeAnalyser does not support

i’m going to try to setting up a dedicated server on Windows x64 platform. I launched UE4.sln downloaded from github. A forum told to use the Solution configuration on Visual studio “Development”, not “Development Editor”. so i’m made a clean then a rebuild but that errors appears on Visual Studio:

error : UnrealCodeAnalyser does not support the Win64 platform

someone to help me? Thank you if you do

You should pick “Devlopment Server” build, it builds server only code. Here you have instructions how to set it up:

Keep in mind you don’t need any special build to run dedicated server, dedicated server mode is build in to all build configurations (including “Editor”, execpt “Client” build which lacks any server code). To start dedicated server you run your game with “-server” option as described here:

Hey GreenFeanor-

If you are building the engine for the first time from source code it must be built using DevelopmentEditor. Once it has been built the first time you can build it again in other configurations.


Already done, but the error still same.

Thank you for the solution. But, unless I am mistaken, this technique allows to start the server only from a project (without package). Am I not rather presence to launch an server executable manager of the project itself?

Hey GreenFeanor-

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do. If you want to create a dedicated server for your game then the first link posted should help setting that up. You mention opening the UE4.sln which leads me to believe you are trying to create a dedicated server of the engine itself, is this correct?

The English language is not my native language so it is quite possible that I misunderstood the operation of multiplayer. If I am under visual EU4 after I had downloaded the project from github, it is because I followed the tutorials but I confess I do not quite understand how. What I’m looking to do is just to play online with other people possessing the same game on customers through a dedicated server (Debian) which is presence to link between the customers.

For information on using networking for multiplayer in your project you can check out this documentation:

The information presented should help with setting up the game to allow players to play together. Let me know if you have any additional questions.