Error: UnrealBuildTool


  1. Download the zip-archive
  2. unpack it in the folder C: \ Program Files \ Epic Games \ 4.8 (confirming the replacement of files).
  3. Run Setup.bat, after a while the files to compile.
  4. Start GenerateProjectFiles.bat - I get an error

You say you had to confirm replacement of files when you extracted the HBAO fork, so I’m guessing you’ve extracted the zip into a previously downloaded or installed copy of UE4? That would explain the duplicate modules in different locations, you need to extract the HBAO fork into an empty folder.

Yes, exactly.

To do so as you said:

  1. Unpack the archive into a folder HBAO.
  2. Run Setup.bat from a folder with HBAO (after a while the necessary files have been downloaded).
  3. Run GenerateProjectFiles - get a new error

Why could not it as a plugin to do … oh

Seems like error CS1583 can occur due to insufficient space on the drive, so maybe check if you have enough free space left on C:. If that doesn’t help, try moving the code out of the “Program Files” directory, preferably to a path that doesn’t contain spaces, e.g. “C:\EpicGames\UnrealEngine-HBAO”

Right the two “Program Files” maps are only writeable by elevated processes and shouldn’t be used as a place to compile.

Disk space is more than enough (free 470Gb).
Move the folder from C:\Program Files\Epic Games to the root of drive “D” (non-system)
the same error

An error has disappeared