ERROR : UBT error : Failed to produce item:\...\UE4Editor-UnrealEd.lib

Hi guys!
I’ve downloaded,, Source code(zip) and Source code(tar.gz) of 4.4.3


I unziped, so I got UnrealEngine-4.4.3-release folder.And I’ve unziped and into it.

My system is Win7 64, and I’ve installed Visual Studio 2013, then I build it but failed.

I’ve search a lot of threads about this but I can not build it.
Help me please, thanks a lot.

Hello, yinm37835129.

It seems you forgot a few steps! First, you need to run ‘GenerateProjectFiles.bat’.

Then, you open UE4.sln.

Finally, after you Build the engine, run this file:

All of this information is from [this tutorial][4].

That should be all you need to run the engine.



Thank you very much.
I build it successfully on my laptop, I don’t know why…