Error This blueprint (self) is not a TRASHCLASS

Hello all.

Sorry, I don’t know where to write to get help with the problem, I wrote about it here, can’t understand what this error is:
Error This blueprint (self) is not a TRASHCLASS_Weapon_94, therefore ‘Target’ must have a connection.

The photos of the functions are set according to the heir.

Also in the game it looks strange.

If someone explains the essence of the error, I will be very grateful.

I have been dealing with this issue for about 4 years. I haven’t found any solution, but a workaround is to create another UseWeapon function for the purpose of overriding it in the child class, and then when the primary UseWeapon function is called, call the new function as well, which will handle the functionality in the child class.

Thanks for the help!