ERROR: System.ArgumentException: Attempt to construct staged filesystem reference from absolute path


i get this error random and don’t know what happened.
When deleting project folders except content, i can launch few times, but then get this error again.

I launched fine my project to phone, then in unreal engine switched a simple boolean on (enable play a sound ingame) and when tryed to launch again, get this error message.

I can build the project and install with install.bat, but cannot launch on my device.

Total no idea what happened.

Not added any fbx today, only a wav and a png file

Engine is 4.21.1

Please help me


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I’m having this issue too at the moment too. I have no idea what’s going on. Mine happened completely random and I can’t figure out what has happened. I’m going to try move everything I need into another project and just start fresh. Annoying but no-one seems to have this issue or a solution.

When im delete the ue4 folder on phone, can launch again 1-2-3 times, then get the error again, need delete ue4 folder on androied again etc…


This helped me, thanks! If I need to delete this folder every time I need to package I’m okay with that.

Hi! I had the same problem while trying to package to Oculus quest.

Found this instructionthat helped me:

Type in command prompt:
C:\Users\adamos>adb shell hero2lte:/ $ cd sdcard hero2lte:/sdcard $ ls Alarms DCIM GSWave Music Pictures Podcasts Samsung Android Download Movies Notifications Playlists Ringtones UE4Game hero2lte:/sdcard $ rm -r UE4Game/

Edit: FYI. That “ls” is (LS) with small letters. Thanks for the clarification!


Your SD card (or internal storage, depending where you’ve set your project to dump the files to) may be full! I’ve had the same issue and it seemed random too until I noticed that the SD card on the phone was packed full. I made some space and it worked since. I think it explains the few times it worked for you until the new files packed the SD card full again.

I advice to check out the link as the formating in this post is incorrect. Also its not a 1’s as Mentioned(ones). Its LS lowercase.

ls is listing off whats in the sdcard, so you can pick the folder to delete.

Open Command Prompt as Admin, and Type:
adb shell

Then type:
cd sdcard

Then type:
ls (which is lowercase LS)
This will give you a list of jazz, pick which to delete. ie: Alarms DCIM UE4Game etc etc

Then type:
rm -r UE4Game/ (this deletes all in that folder)

Good luck.

Note, To delete games from Oculus Quest, that are unknown sources, you can use this command:
open cmd as admin and type:
adb uninstall com.YourCompany.Nameofgame

(note: com.YourCompany.Nameofgame is from project settings-Platform-Android- Android Package Name)



That solves my problem thx

Thank you so much

I can confirm, deleting the UEGame directory on the root helps.


thank you

works for me too!

but instead of ugly windows cmd, i’m using SideQuest, much better experience as for me :slight_smile:

That worked for me, too! :grinning:

Still happening on 4.27 and Quest 2, potentially also on 5.1 . You can use the following code to automate the deletion - just paste that code in a .txt file, rename it to .bat afterwards :

adb shell "cd /sdcard/; rm -r UE4Game/ "