Error SU-BV01

Hello, I am very excited to use Unreal Engine.
I had an older version before but I didn’t use it that much. Now I installed a new launcher and updated my iMac to Sierra but when I try to start the launcher, I get error code SU-BV01 and cannot launch.
I tried contacting the customer support but they can’t seem to solve the issue.
I did a diagnostic check on my iMac but everything seems to be fine.
Are there any suggestions please.
Thank you very much in advance.

I clean installed the launcher as shown in this article and then it fixed it self.

I have literally tried every solution to every crash i’ve been able to find from googling yet i still get the SU-BV01 crash.

“Self Update failed
The installation is corrupt. Please contact support.
Error Code: SU-BV01”

I have contacted support also with no response yet.

I have reinstalled countless times, i have killed almost every running process on my pc, I have removed and re-added visual studio components. Please lt me know what information you require to fix this. If it weren’t for the chocolate i just ate, I would probably have a pretty sour taste in my mouth after not being able to play this after buying it.

Were you able to sort out the problem, I am experiencing the same currently

Error IS-BV01, or the download will appear to complete, then immediately start over when attempting to download a product from the Epic Games launcher.

how to solve this kind of the problem … please make aviedo to solve the problem for windows 7 and at on youtube.