Error [SM5] (Node TextureSample) TextureSample> Sampler type is Color, should be Line

Hey folks,

Every now and then, I’m using gametextures textures… I get that error.

Error [SM5] (Node TextureSample) TextureSample> Sampler type is Color, should be Linear Color for Location

Sometimes on the albedo, sometimes on the gloss map.

Any clues what is that about? Sometimes it disappears, but sometimes stays

additionally to add… sometimes this get fixed by disconnecting the node and waiting the texture to refresh inside the master material, but after time it glitches again eventually :confused:

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Change your sampler type to the appropriate one
When you importing texture you could enable and disable sRGB(Linear Color) or change compression type. Later when you use this texture in material you have to use appropriate sampler type

Thanks for the reply! What do you suggest me gloss map to be set on?

BUT, if it doesn’t work like for me (when you import your normal map, UE doesn’t recognize it as a normal map) you also have to double click on your map and in the detail toggle you have compression–>compression settings you have to change into Normalmap (DXT…) to make the error disappear.

Hope it’ll help people who had still the same problem after changing the sampler type in the material.

Thanks…solved my issue

Thanks Rajuk…

I think the easiest solution for this is, double click on your Normal Texture in the content browser and uncheck “sRGB” checkbox.

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YES!!!Thankyou!I found that the check box of the color map sRGB of my parent shader was not checked. After checking it, everything was normal. It is strange that the same project file was checked on other computers.

Yes but my question is: WHY FORCE users to choose sampler? Shouldn’t there be an automatic-select option? This is causing unnecessary problems to working pipeline.
The same problem to Virtual texture sampler, I have to rewrite all my materials just because I need to use 8k virtrual textures.

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