Error SDK Version Issue. This app was built with the iOS 13.2 SDK

Can’t upload my game to app store. I’m using app transporter and get this error.

ERROR ITMS-90725: “SDK Version Issue. This app was built with the iOS 13.2 SDK. All iOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with the iOS 14 SDK or later, included in Xcode 12 or later.”

I’m building .ipa from windows

How to update ios SDK to 14.0?


Same question. If using xcode which supports 13.2 SDK ipa file can’t be loaded to store.
If latest xcode - build stops with “ERROR: Invalid SDK iPhoneOS13.2.sdk, not found”.

Please give us some info.

Same question. Can’t upload to AppStore, need SDK 14


I’m using 4.25 and got the exact same error. I was thinking that upgrading the project 4.26 would solve the issue but apparently not…
No reply from Epic yet ???

Nothing from Epic yet.

I find a workaround

Open the project with Xcode and recompile it
After that, I can package with the good SDK, but only on my mac

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having this issue in 2022. Wondering if anybody found a solution. I tried to open the project with Xcode and recompile but honestly I didn’t know what I was doing and it messed a lot of stuff up.

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Could you elaborate a bit? Thanks in advance!

I found a solution around that, just go to project settings >> ios and scroll down to required icons change any of the icons to any other pic or icon u have but have to be the required resolution and then the engine will use xcode to package the project instead of packaging on its own