Error saving .umap

I suddenly am not able to save my project… I didn’t do any strange thing. Here the screen

Works now… you can close/delete.

Hey! I know it was long time ago, but could you please tell me how did you fixed it? I’m facing same problem in 4.20

In case anyone gets here via Google, the usual reason for this error message is that you have two copies of the editor running. Check task manager and background processes as well.


@rmclachlan_TCR THANK YOU for taking the time to post solution. Saved me. So simple!

@rmclachlan_TCR wow… thanks a lot! That was exactly what was going on… wouldn’t have check without you nudging us to check if multiple editors are running. Thanks a lot.

Thanks, man!

This saves me tons of time!

Wish they simply included that suggestion in the Error Message itself.

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Pro tip: The freeware* app “process lasso” can be configured to only allow one instance of any given app to be opened. It also can be configured to control process priority, allowing you to boost shader compile threads making them faster, similar to the marketplace app. It also stops computer crashes by lowering intensive processes so it keeps the pc responsive even under heavy load (you can configure games/etc to always use full resources) It’s the single best app I have ever found, highly recommend it.

  • Has paid extras

Edit: Forgot to mention it can also switch power plans by CPU load or preconfigured app list, making it valuable to switch from high perf/idle power plans, saving power and heat output.