Error saving ' ' (anim) Just doesn't save the animations just a few.

One thing I had really had a hard time with is when I import my FBX model from Blender to ue4, after I did that I made changes and I tried to save my animation, [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]unfortunately it just shows a error save popup, each I press each button (Continue, Retry, cancel), it just shows an error saying "Error saving ’ '. " I looked all over the task manager and I couldn’t find a second UE4 application.
Even that though what ever I try to save all my assets in my game it would just show a few animations instead of all of the animations that were just imported into the game.

Aren’t there some solutions?

Never mind about the question, I just found out my animations name has a * symbol in there, I cleared it and the saving was fixed.