Error reporter > Do NOT send and restart.

I fully understand you might want to force someone who is using the latest engine to send all the error reports possible. (even though I am sure that by now even some of the dev’s might be going all sorts of crazy)
But if I am working in an older version of the engine, know the bug has been solved in a later version of the engine, or if I already send the same crash over 9000 times… It would be really helpful if we had a “Do not send and restart” option.
Sadly the only way atm to restart it is to well… send a crash report.

  • My 2 cents.

+1 I feel sometimes I’m spamming the people that receive those reports :smiley:

Hey, those are all fine on our end and don’t annoy anyone. The support team doesn’t have to worry about getting spammed with fixed crashes, so it’s not an issue because of the way our system filters them. I’ll see if a button update would make sense, but just so y’all know it’s totally ok and no one here is bothered by them.

In that case, I will write jokes in the “write down steps” part :stuck_out_tongue:
“An Alexander walks into a bar”

I also hope all the crash reports from me are filtered out that are just caused by my own c++ code crashing. I usually just hit “send and restart” since I want to restart, but the crash obviously is not related to UE4s code at all, its just my own code crashing.
If not, then a “not send and restart” button would be great.