Error Paper2d BoxTrace

I’m making my project using paper2d, however 3d collisions.

I made a wasp and used BoxTrace to identify wether my Character is inside wasp’s view, and also have in wasp’s blueprint BeginOverlap and EndOverlap events.

Now, I noticed that, when my Character goes inside BoxTrace, BeginOverlap trigger is activated. However, the same is not ocurring when I leave box area, to trigger EndOverlap. I really need this to be working.

Can you help me with this?


Hi rfernandes44,

Are you using a box collision with an overlap event or a BoxTraceByChannel?

Hi ,

I was using BoxTraceForObjects, however I saw that using box collision I could get better results.

But then BoxTraceForObjects is generating BeginOverlap event for the entire actor, and not generating EndOverlap.

Hi rfernandes44,

The BoxTraceForObjects will not register an end overlap, it only registers actors as it returns true for overlapping. To do what you are looking for, you will need to use a box collision with begin/end overlap events.