Error Packing Project

Not sure if this one is really a bug but I can’t package my project up to test as a staging build. I am having an error with a couple of meshes saying it has an issue building the convex I believe. I’m guessing it has to do with the collision meshes imported from 3DS Max. I knew I was going to have to post something related to that because when UE4 imports them, they have like 430+ primitives.

The meshes are quite simple and are just curved tubes that the player can fly through but I needed the player to be constrained by the mesh. The straight ones do import correctly but I find myself being able to clip out of the mesh and fall on the outside.

I can supply you guys on PM when a technician gets assigned the fbx and if needed, the original 3ds max scene but this looks like my last hurdle to have a successful staging build. I do have a couple other issues up here on AnswerHub active at the moment but this looks like the only one left to get it off the ground.

Thanks again and looking forward to the Twitch Stream about 4.6


I can take a look at this for you. You can send me a PM on the forums with the scene file and I’ll look at it as soon as I can.

Thank you!


Hey Tim!

Hope all is well buddy and much appreciated! Thanks, I have a prototype as well as a couple bug shots for Adam Davis so it might be a while before I can get the meshes live but if you have max 2014, I will just send you the uasset StaticMesh after I imported one of the ones in question and the original scene with the mesh + UCX meshes so you can take a look at it.

By all means when I get them, if you have other pressing matters take care of them first since last night the convex issues appeared in the Packaging Log as Warnings and I was able to address the other issues to make a successful build but considering my Pawn has a tendency to fall through the wall occasionally, maybe you can look at it and give me tips on properly getting the meshes in so that the collision primitives stay low and the mesh can’t break on through (no pun intended).

I’m sure the issue is part in fact to that these meshes have an opening in them and maybe I need to separate the mesh into two hemispheres so there isn’t a hole running down the tube but I’m hoping I can avoid it as that means I’ll probably have to edit and fix a couple hundred pieces with UV mapping which is not going to make a fun day :wink:

Anyways, thank you very much for helping me out and good to hear from you TIm, as soon as I can get them live, I’ll send you a PM.

Thanks and take care!

I actually don’t have access to Max 2014 here at work as I’ve only got 2013. If you are able to get the scene over at any point just save as 2013 and all will work just as good.

I definitely don’t mind taking a look and helping out with any of the issues. Feel free to post here once you are ready and I’ll take a look. :slight_smile:


Awesome! That’s really nice of you Tim and I very much appreciate it. As soon as I get up the files including a 2013 max file you can use, I’ll reach out to you. Thanks again and enjoy the day Tim!

Hey Tim! I went ahead and sent you a message, man that upload took a long time, sorry about that. It was like 15 Gb going to OneDrive lol. But let me know if you get the message and if the links were working. Thanks again and take it easy.

I’m guessing it has to do with the
collision meshes imported from 3DS
Max. I knew I was going to have to
post something related to that because
when UE4 imports them, they have like
430+ primitives.

This seems on part with what something like that should be. I made a simple tube mesh in Max and cloned it for the collision. Imported the mesh with “One Convex Hull” flag unchecked. This gave me a complex mesh for my collision to be more accurate. You can see this by looking at the collision in the mesh viewer.

For the second issue with the mesh you provided I was not able to fall through or have any issue with it. I was testing with the advanced vehicle game template.

I also packaged the tube I made along with the asset you provided with no issues as well. I’m not sure what’s going on here so any other details you could provide would be helpful in trying to look into this.



Interesting. I had done the similar path by cloning the mesh and adjusting the inner and outer radius of the Torus Spline before extruding it. The falling through seems to be apparent (I believe, but I’ll need to double-check) but I think that happens with the tubes that have the Bend modifier applied to them which come through with the really high primitive count.

For the packaging, it actually did work and I believe the convex issues were appearing as warnings. It’s possible they did too in the case when it didn’t work, but possibly since I saw them at the bottom of the list I immediately assumed that they were errors. But I did go through and do a search on everything that had Error in it and did clear up the other issues so it’s possible it is warning me because that primitive count is too high. Not too mention additional instances of these meshes could prove a pain for optimization and could affect the perf.

Were you able to see the UCX_ meshes for each tube element? I think they may have been hidden in the scene before I sent it over. For the curved ucx meshes, how you recommend I get past the issue with the high count? I’m thinking worst case would be to cut these horizontally down the middle and make it two separate elements and have a collision for the top half, and one for the bottom half. But if I can avoid that, that would be great.

Thanks once again for taking the time to give me some feedback, really appreciate it.

With the tube I made I used the bend modifier as well. My tube had ~330 primitives.

The scene you sent only had one piece that I saw in it. It was a road/bridge type piece with three primitives. 1 for the ground and one for each wall on either side.

If you can get the file with the correct assets I can better assess how I would go about adding collision and see what works best as a possibility.


Huh… that’s weird. I saved as 2013 but I didn’t test it though. It should’ve had a couple hundred pieces in it lol. Bummer. Okay, let me look into it and get back to you Tim, thanks and sorry about sending that without checking it out.

Okay, I didn’t have the original 2013 I sent you to test but I just resaved as 2013 and tested this one out so hopefully it works. I’ll send you a PM with the new link. But it seems like you had a much better import on primitive count.

It’s possible if I re-imported these meshes today with where things are at in the engine, the importer might’ve gotten better in those regards or maybe more optimized. If this max file doesn’t work, I’ll also have included in the zip the compiled uasset just in case of one of the curved meshes.

Let me ask you, internally at Epic, do you have a max target for collision meshes for good optimization? Also, I wanted to ask you, does the World Composition tool support something like space environments :wink:

Thanks Again!

The difference I was seeing vs what you have is that we had a similar styled mesh, but mine was not heavy with the poly count. The tube mesh imported with 1955 collision primitives.

I’ve tried several things but am hitting a road block in my methods. I’ve pinged a few people to see if I could get some better feedback. Once I hear back I’ll give that a shot and see what I can figure out.

As far as I know it’s not much different than any other game development. It’s about optimizing for what is best for performance. Obviously having something that is high in collision may not be best, but something that is too low will not look good. The world composition tool will work with levels. So if you have a large space with multiple levels that is all that matters. those levels do not necessarily have to have a landscape or terrain to be considered for World Composition. However, it cannot be used if you are doing a multiplayer. This is hopefully planned for a future release but no timeline as to when this will be available.


Gotcha Tim. Thanks for looking into it and taking the time on that one. The game is in a prototype phase and very likely when MP is implemented, hopefully the world composition tool will support it but ill keep that in mind for the future. Other than that, thanks again Tim!

I have a question for you. I left my job back in March to start a video game company as its been a dream of mine sine the mid 80s… I have a concept and early prototype and pitched it to Microsoft and they want to see it on the platform so ID@Xbox is a valid option. What I wanted to ask you is I know Epic has partnered with companies in the past such as for titles like Shadow Complex, and I wanted to know if that’s something the company still did?

Thanks Tim and take care

Hey Tim, we can go ahead and mark this Answered for tracking. Thanks again and I’ll reach out to Chance Ivey on some of those questions. Take care and have a great weekend.

No worries. I’m still messing around with the collision issue you mentioned on the side. While not a bug that is more a using type question and I’m trying to figure that one out for myself as well. I’ll keep at it and let you know what I find as I progress (slowly but surely :slight_smile: )

Awesome Tim, that’s very nice of you. I’ve had to shift gears so no worries. Hope you had a great weekend.