Error packaging game 4.25 using android studio... BUILD FAILED GRADLE is DEPRECIATED... update engine.ini

I have the correct sdk locations and i have accepted the liscense the project does start to build but there is an error when packaging apk. Below I have left the error and my settings that i am using. The integration of android studio was super buggy and i had to do a lot of research just to even get it to work. i am trying to get a bundle abb file for google play store.

The references i followed are VVV

I had the exact same problem, but could fix it with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your project folder and open the config folder
  2. open DefaultEgine.ini
  3. Press ctrl+f for the search option
  4. search for gradle
  5. bEnableGradle=True has to be set to True

Hope this works for you too!