Error packaging empty project (win8.1-64bit, UE4.10.2)


when packaging an empty trivial 3-click project for mobile/tablet, scalable 2d/3d, no starter content, to path D:\Appdev\UE4\nada to android dxt, everything goes well (no file not found errors, no long name errors) until an error happens during build.

I have instaled TADN 4.01, and all dependencies AndroidWorks, etc, like the guide said. However, I don’t have visual studio yet.

When I try packaging other template projects I get exactly the same errors. I have searched a lot but haven’t found a solution. Perhaps it’s a beginners mistake, since I’m new to UE. I’d appreciate if someone told me what I’m doing wrong.

Isn’t it possible to package the template proyects out of the box?

Packaging Log

Hello SHP1973,

It seems that you’re attempting to package a project that involves C++ code. Some of our samples such as Shooter Game include C++ code. From looking at the log, it seems that your Visual Studio 2015 installation is not set up correctly for UE4 and when it attempts to compile for the packaging, it fails due to that.

Heres the error message: MainFrameActions: Empaquetado (Android (DXT)): WindowsPlatform.get_Compiler: WARNING: Visual C++ 2015 toolchain does not appear to be correctly installed. Please verify that “Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015” was selected when installing Visual Studio 2015.

To fix this, if you have Visual Studio 2015 installed, please navigate to Control Panel > Programs and Features (Or “Uninstall a Program” in compact view) and find Visual Studio 2015. Select “Change” and when the setup appears, click the “Modify” option. From this list, you’ll be able to select certain things to add to Visual Studio. At the top there is a option for “Programming Languages”. Expand that field and then tick the checkbox beside “Visual C++”. After this, select “Update”. After this, you should be able to package without an issue.

Hope this helps!