ERROR package project on Windows "Build Failed"

So i was designing a project for almost 2 months, now when im going to do his first build, the build fails with this report. Please, i need a lot of help for build correctly this project. Thanks for all

120121-error+build.txt (841 KB)


clear your output log first,

Inside the engine go to: File-> Cook Contents for Windows, post the output in a text file as well.

i have done that and while is processing the content, a window appears saying:
Missing UE4Game binary.
You may have to build the UE4 project with your IDE. Alternatively, build using UnrealBuildTool with the commandline:

Substance plugin

doing some research online looks like this might be an issue with plugins, are you using any?

disable the plugin and try cooking again

Problem resolved! Thank you so much!