Error "Out of Video Memory try allocating render resource" Most Bad Critial, Whay not FIX?

So my old Topic is Dell for Epic Games and now i Create new, because This Gays in Epic very Lazy and It’s easier to delete a theme than to remove errors and drops from projects. (Screenshot pic-table)

Video out Memory Eror. The biggest unacceptable Eror. When you open Animation Bluprints. The engine should be easy to use, and you have it ALL MORE AND MORE Eats Video Memory. Take as a basis in your new versions, remove any errors that lead to the curtailment of the program. Let the computer load longer or not full objects animation, BUT not CLOSE ALL PROEKT. FIX Pliz your Engine to comfortable not CLOSED Works in Engine. TNX.

Do not Go after the graphics and load on the PC, Go for a stable, less resource. On your engine it will be very difficult to make games if it eats so much memory.

Do not take an example of Bitcoins Mainers - this bad example to create Game Engine.

Optimization for the lower use of resources and stability work for not any erors = its future use any engine, if u do the opposite - then the engine will not have any future.