Error on packing

Hi, i have big problem with packing my project.First of all i install Rollercoaster plugin.that works fine.When i try to packing project , i have a warrning that tel me to install Visual Studio , Ok i instal it, ( 2013 version)
I add C++ code to my project ( i select in that C++ window “None”).I build the project.and when i try to packing project i have this error.

If someone can help me, or need more info please write me. I really need help.

one more thing, when i try to cook the project i have another error.


After looking at your output, I noticed that the error that was appearing was “fatal error LINK1181: cannot open input file”. I was able to find some documentation on the Microsoft Support website that relates to this error message, as well as offers some potential solutions to this problem. Linker Tools Error LNK1181 | Microsoft Docs
If you look under the More Information section, you’ll notice two potential fixes that you can attempt to use to solve the issue that you’re experiencing. Let me know how the fixes work out.

here is my outputlog.Log

i use VS 2013. Well i install Rollercoaster plugin maybe this plugin is the problem.

Were you able to try the fixes that were provided in the link below? Linker Tools Error LNK1181 | Microsoft Docs


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