ERROR: No Delegate Property Found

Alright, so I created an event dispatcher in a Blueprint. I compiled, then deleted the dispatcher. Removed all references. It’s still getting referenced in blueprint even though it’s not there … Looks like this is a common problem with dispatchers but there aren’t any solutions.

Has anyone else run into this? I tried to create a new one with the same name but it won’t let me because the name is “in use”. I can pull up the dispatcher by clicking the name in the output log, but it’s read-only.

Any help is appreciated.

Damn. I was excited that there might be a fix for this issue, but looks like not yet :frowning:

August 14, 2020 and I am still encountering this in 4.25.3. I see UE-63064 that seems to be related or possibly claiming it is fixed, but this is absolutely not the case.

It looks to be related to renaming the graph node associated. I have documented the steps with images in the link below, but I will copy/paste the text steps as well.

Link: UE 4.25.3 - Cannot delete EventDispatcher - Album on Imgur

  1. Creating a new Event Dispatcher
  2. Selecting any function (pre-existing or an empty one). In this case, I setup a junk function with an input, but it does nothing.
  3. Confirm the inputs show up. (I had a single Bool for this empty function)
  4. Double clicking on the EventDispatcher entry in the left-hand pane to bring up the Event Graph.
    NOTE: Up to this point, I can delete it. I can even back out with the graph open and delete the Event Dispatcher.
  5. I renamed the node from ‘New Event Dispatcher 0’ to ‘Renamed’.
  6. It’s now locked with ‘Delete’ greyed out.
  7. Attempting to compile produces the tragic messages:

No delegate property found for Renamed
No SignatureFunction in MulticastDelegateProperty 'NewEventDispatcher 0'