Error: no 32-bit compiler tool chain found.

I’m running visual studio 2017 and unreal engine 4.15. I’m getting this error message when I create a new c++ project. The things is, I can create win 32 projects inside VS and they run fine. I haven’t had any luck fixing this, can’t find any threads that have this problem with VS 2017. Any one have a fix for this?

Did you install C++ toolchain for VS2015 (v140)? As far as I understand, UE4.15 is not able to use the compiler that is shipped with VS2017.

I have the exact same problem. I tried to re-install visual studio 2017 and unreal engine but that doesn’t work. I installed C++ toolchain for VS2015 (v140) and “Unreal Engine Installer” (available as an option in visual studio 2017 installer) like some other topics suggested. I’m a bit stuck now because I can’t install visual studio 2015 (since it detects that visual studio 2017 is already installed) and I would like to stick with visual studio 2017 for other projects. Somebody knows how to fix this? Thanks.

hey man i have the same problem , if u got to fix it can u tell me how u did it ? thnaks !